Mitigating  Employment Interruption

Performance Out incorporates versatile, layered plans for mitigating employment interruption into every discussion with an affected client or departed employee, constructing effective means for transitioning to new career opportunities.


Our personal-touch approach to finding work, or creatively identifying other avenues of occupational advancement, are the result of utilizing a vast network of plugged-in sources, tapping into data-driven research and embracing every technological resource at our disposal.

The system of shared tasks include:

  • Designing a custom-tailored job search for every client
  • Creating a personal brand for each customer, in terms of marketing their services to other firms
  • Conveying the research/analysis results of prospective employers with the departed employee
  • Discussing key talking points for prospective interviews
  • Relying on digital technology to simulate potential job interviews
  • Conducting a hard-target assessment of various management vacancies
  • Building upon each prospective's executive's portfolio, in terms of conforming the resume/other materials to every crucial opportunity